Ross-shire Property – what happened in 2017 and the prospects for 2018.

I'm pleased to say that 2017 has been a good one for Ross-shire and there is great confidence in the air. Sales are reported by the Registers of Scotland to have increased, overall, in the Highland area by 10.3%. As regards prices, nationally in Scotland, prices increased, overall, by 2.8% [...]

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Caithness and Sutherland Property – what happened in 2016 and the prospects for 2017.

Bruce de Wert Let us start with Brexit. I am very happy to report that, despite the doomsayers, the public shrugged it off! We were delighted to find that nobody in the buying and selling market saw it as an issue. And this despite the politicians getting into [...]

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North of Scotland property review of 2013 and prospects for 2014

I'll start off with a large dollop of good news issued by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. They expect, in 2014, a rise in prices, throughout Scotland, of 7%. I'm happy to say that I believe that a price rise will come to the North of Scotland. This is [...]

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