Making a Will with MyScottishWill could not be easier, here are five compelling reasons for trying our truDo you have a Will?sted online legal service for yourself.

With more than two thirds of Scots not making a Will, the question we must ask ourselves is why?

Whilst the percentage of people making a Will does substantially improve for the over 65’s, research suggests that people do not like to deal with their own mortality and, as well as that, they think that it is a difficult thing to do.

Whilst the former point about the prospect of death and dealing with one’s affairs is a more challenging discussion; the latter point could not be further from the truth.

As a Scottish solicitor, I have been preparing Wills for clients for over 25 years and in this article, I provide 5 clear reasons about the benefits that My ScottishWill can provide.

It is easy
People worry that it is going to be difficult but since our MyScottishWill app asks all the necessary questions, it is easy. I would recommend that you try it – it is free until you are completely satisfied.

You can make your Will at home
Of course, you can choose to see a solicitor, but MyScottishWill gives you the opportunity to make your Will at home. I am the owner, and I am a Scottish solicitor and I have purposely made the system easy to use from the browser on your computer.

You do not need to see a Solicitor
Traditionally, you would go to see someone. He or she would take instructions and send you a draft by post. Then you would again make a second visit to the solicitor, when you were happy to sign. Two meetings and consequent expense.

It is not expensive
My intention, when I started my company in 1999, was to make the difficult easy and the expensive, inexpensive.  It’s only £49.99 but it is a proper Will made for Scottish law.

You get it immediately
As soon as you have paid for it (which is only when you are quite satisfied) it is sent to you by email. All you have to do is find a witness (over 16 and not mentioned in the Will).

If you do not have a Will, for your own peace of mind and in the interests of your loved ones, we would strongly recommend that you do not put off doing so any longer.

Not only is our online Will service an easy and no fuss process that you can do at home, it is also both affordable and fast. And you have the reassurance that it is a proper Scottish Will for Scottish law.

Please join my huge number of highly satisfied clients and try it for yourself at MyScottishWill

Bruce de Wert
Solicitor and Managing Director of Confidential Legal Services Direct Ltd (Scotland) Ltd.

Making the difficult easy and the expensive inexpensive

Bruce de Wert
Scottish Solicitor