You may have seen headlines, recently, talking about this but, if you live in Scotland, they do not apply to you.

Judges, In Scotland, do not look at your behaviour and have not done so for a considerable time..

Once you have a separation agreement, behaviour is not an issue (see previous blogs for separation).

All they want to know, if you have no kids under 16, is if you want to be divorced and how long you have been separated. Without kids, you just download a form from the Sheriff Court. See this page

Where there are kids under 16, the Sheriff must be satisfied that the kids are going to be looked after, properly.

You can go to see a solicitor but the price you will pay will depend upon the solicitor and your circumstances.

However, if both parties are agreed and you have sorted out the arrangements for the kids and for the money, you can obtain a fixed-price inexpensive divorce at, Solicitors. It is all done from your home computer apart from a very brief visit to a lawyer to swear a statement.

It is an application to the court but we are Solicitors and we deal with that.

You will see feedback from our customers on the website. I invite you to read it.

Bruce de Wert
Scottish Solicitor