What motivates people to make a Power of Attorney?

Seeing many clients in this situation, as I do, raises that question. My opinion is that, mostly, deep down, it is love.

That love is, often, hidden by my clients which is not surprising since this is a difficult and emotional subject as it is associated with old age, potential  dementia and general worries about family.

Different sides of the family show that love in different ways.


For parents, it is a gift of certainty. Once made, everybody knows what role they have to play and they know that, if it is needed, there will be no stressful Guardianship court action and no delay. Sadly, the truth is that when you need a PoA, you need it now, not some months down the line once you’ve negotiated Solicitors and the courts. Incidentally, my system has guides for everybody involved and, so, everybody knows what is required of them.

For children, it is a gift of care. Just as parents cared for their growing children, so there may come a time when the children will need to care for their parents. By being an Attorney, they are giving a big thank you to Mum and Dad.




If you’re reading this and you are out of your comfort zone, then you are not alone. Both parents and children think that the other will be upset to talk about this subject. However, that is not, in fact, my experience. Parents, particularly, are very happy to talk about such practical stuff! Just as they know that making a will is necessary, a Power of Attorney is, these days, a topic which needs to be thought about – and talked about.

MyScottishAttorney is unique because, once talked about, you can do it, there and then, without leaving home. It just takes a few minutes if you have everybody’s names and addresses. And you can do it together. No waiting for appointments with Solicitors. Of course, you will need to see a doctor to have it signed off but that’s no stress.

Share this with your siblings and parents and, by doing so, challenge them to think out of their comfort zone! You and they won’t regret it.

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Bruce de Wert

Bruce de Wert