It may take a little longer to get a divorce in Scotland but online divorce services can help speed-up the process

This week guest blogger Sheree Sartain looks at whether quickie divorce  is a reality in Scotland.

Unfortunately, if it’s a quickie divorce that you are looking for and you live in Scotland then the chances of getting a divorce immediately following your separation are unlikely especially if you have children and can’t agree on financial arrangements.

But, although your divorce might not be super quick, you can speed things up if you are both in agreement about the arrangements for your children and finances.

If you both agree and want the divorce to proceed than this can be achieved after one year’s separation.

If on the other hand, one partner opposes the divorce then the time after separation can be forced after two years but this is also dependent on whether or not you’ve come to an agreement about your money and children.

For those with no children under 16 years of age, and if both partners agree things become a little easier and obtaining divorce becomes a matter of filling in some form, paying a fee and sending of the paperwork to the court. Your divorce can be granted in days or weeks.

Where one of the partners opposes the divorce, you must first wait two years after the separation before applying for your divorce.

For those with children under 16 it becomes a little more complicated but it is still possible to get divorced in about two months.

Whether or not you have children, it is possible to get your divorce online.

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Bruce de Wert is founder of online legal services MyScottishLaw. He is also principal at Georgesons Wick and Thurso