It’s all about divided loyalties.

If clients have children from a first relationship, they agonise about making a Will.

In fact, they agonise so much that they never, actually, get round to doing anything about it.

It’s too difficult as it involves dealing with dividing their worldly goods between the two loves in their life.

They want to look after their children and they also want to look after their partner. What is an appropriate division? Can it be done?

My experience is that, first and foremost, people want to look after their bloodline. They also want to look after their partner but, deep down, whilst very important to them, that is a secondary consideration.

Clients worry, correctly in my view, that if they leave everything to their current partner, their children might not receive anything on their partners death. This does happen.

If they can face it, they enter into discussion with their partner about to divide up their estates. Unfortunately, these can be fraught discussions and, possibly, destructive of a relationship and so many people just avoid talking about the issues, at all.

It is however, perfectly possible to ensure the comfort of one’s current partner and also to leave your estate to your children and, in my practice over the last 25 years, I have accomplished this many times.

This is, often, accompanied by much astonishment from my clients can’t believe how easy it was and the many sleepless nights they have had.

Generally, this involves a legal technique called a “liferent”.

Sadly, such techniques are too sophisticated for programming on a website , even one such as mine at MyScottishWill. They require the personal intervention of a solicitor experienced in the subject.

I shall blog further on this subject .

I have over 25 years of experience in helping people just like you and if your particular circumstances are straightforward, you should make a will on my website but if  for instance, you are on your second time around, you may need some bespoke assistance and so you should  consult me, at my office.

I offer a 15 minute free diagnostic interview with no strings attached and during that time we can work through the bones of your situation and come up with a plan. I have well oiled arrangements for telephone or Skype appointments and all you need to do to set one up is to telephone my office on 01955 606060 and ask for a telephone/Skype appointment. Mention the blog, please.