How often do people make Wills in Scotland?

. The most recent research on whether people make Wills in Scotland is, actually, not very recent at all. It was by the former Scottish consumer Council in 2006. Of those surveyed for that study, only 37% had made a will. Older people were more likely to make a [...]

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Why make a Scottish Will?

Scottish because the law in Scotland about Wills and Inheritance is entirely different from, say, England. But why make a Will, at all? There are as many reasons as there are people but the major reasons are as follows:- You make sure that the person or persons you trust (the [...]

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Bitter family feud over Mum’s houses and her Will

Children can be wicked and I thought my readers may be interested in such a case which has been recently decided in the Court of Session Lord Uist It involved a vulnerable 80-year-old Mum of three boys, Mrs Audrey Matossian, who was "persuaded" to hand over her three valuable [...]

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Challenging Wills in Scotland – Part 1 – the basics

In this series of blogs, I shall be dealing with the main issues that I have experienced in dealing with claims on Estates. That experience is from both sides, acting, on various occasions for the claimant and, on others, for the Executor. I shall write, later, on the situation where [...]

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