A child’s Will disinheritance dilemma – to claim or not claim…

Bruce de Wert Sometimes, I see (or I am asked to write) Wills where the parent has fallen out with a child (or vice versa) and, as a result, decided to leave them something but very little compared to the others. The child is then faced with a dilemma. [...]

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Disinherited daughter story does not apply in Scotland

I have just read the story, this morning, about the daughter who was disinherited and was able to claim on her mother's estate. What is not made clear is that this only applies in England and Wales (not sure about Northern Ireland). Scots can rest easy. They can still disinherit their [...]

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Are wills made outside Scotland valid in Scotland?

Bruce de Wert Wow!  That is a difficult question.  The answer is that it depends! You know, sometimes things are just complicated. This is one of those occasions. It depends upon: – Where the will was made. When the will was made. What the circumstances of the will [...]

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Can I disinherit my children in Scotland?

The answer to that is “almost”. If you make no will then your children will inherit something subject to my comments in an earlier blog. When I talk about children, I am talking about any children that you may have had by any relationship and any adopted children. […]

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