Unmarried couples hit by Scottish inheritance laws they don’t understand.

There is a myth that unmarried folk will inherit exactly the same as those married. If you believe that you are a “Common-law spouse“ then stop believing it as there is no such thing. Married people have rights to inherit. Unmarried people do not have such rights. Unfortunately, if you are [...]

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Not married but living with your partner in Scotland? A lawyer’s advice.

An unmarried woman (particularly if she has children) is very vulnerable. Being unmarried is not the same as being married! Same sex couples are in the same quandary. As a lawyer, I hear the worst cases but I truly care and some of these cases make me want to cry. [...]

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How often do people make Wills in Scotland?

The most recent research on whether people make Wills in Scotland is, actually, not very recent at all. It was by the former Scottish consumer Council in 2006. Of those surveyed for that study, only 37% had made a Will. Older people were more likely to . make [...]

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Making a Will in Scotland : 5 things you need to know

Sadly, common mistakes can cause problems after your death and even cost loved ones their inheritance. More than half of Scottish adults have not made a will. Of those who have many have not updated their wills for some time which can lead to inheritance disputes. Dying intestate — legalese [...]

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Divorce and your Will in Scotland

It is surprisingly common that the ex is left something in the Will. Even more startling is that people do not change their will, at all, after a divorce. Up until the end of 2016, not changing your Will was an option. Divorce had no effect. Not any more! Now if you want your ex [...]

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Making an online Will with MyScottishWill- how does it work?

See other videos like this at MyScottishWill  Video narrative Making an online will - how does it work?   The concept is quite simple. I have set up the website so that it asks you a series of questions and all you have to do is answer those. These are simple [...]

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Bitter family feud over Mum’s houses and her Will

Children can be wicked and I thought my readers may be interested in such a case which has been recently decided in the Court of Session Lord Uist It involved a vulnerable 80-year-old Mum of three boys, Mrs Audrey Matossian, who was "persuaded" to hand over her three valuable [...]

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