Unmarried couples hit by Scottish inheritance laws they don’t understand.

There is a myth that unmarried folk will inherit exactly the same as those married. If you believe that you are a “Common-law spouse“ then stop believing it as there is no such thing. Married people have rights to inherit. Unmarried people do not have such rights. Unfortunately, if you are [...]

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Making a Will in Scotland : 5 things you need to know

Sadly, common mistakes can cause problems after your death and even cost loved ones their inheritance. More than half of Scottish adults have not made a will. Of those who have many have not updated their wills for some time which can lead to inheritance disputes. Dying intestate — legalese [...]

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Separated but not divorced? Beware of the law!

There are a lot of urban legends about this so ignore them and read this. There are 2 major issues to be considered - your Will and the law of inheritance. Your Will Only divorce (and thus, not separation) affects your Will and so, if you do not want to benefit the separated one, then [...]

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