Unmarried couples hit by Scottish inheritance laws they don’t understand.

There is a myth that unmarried folk will inherit exactly the same as those married. If you believe that you are a “Common-law spouse“ then stop believing it as there is no such thing. Married people have rights to inherit. Unmarried people do not have such rights. Unfortunately, if you are [...]

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Not married but living with your partner in Scotland? A lawyer’s advice.

An unmarried woman (particularly if she has children) is very vulnerable. Being unmarried is not the same as being married! Same sex couples are in the same quandary. As a lawyer, I hear the worst cases but I truly care and some of these cases make me want to cry. [...]

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Making a Will in Scotland : 5 things you need to know

Sadly, common mistakes can cause problems after your death and even cost loved ones their inheritance. More than half of Scottish adults have not made a will. Of those who have many have not updated their wills for some time which can lead to inheritance disputes. Dying intestate — legalese [...]

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