A child’s Will disinheritance dilemma – to claim or not claim…

Bruce de Wert Sometimes, I see (or I am asked to write) Wills where the parent has fallen out with a child (or vice versa) and, as a result, decided to leave them something but very little compared to the others. The child is then faced with a dilemma. [...]

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Why making a Will or Power of Attorney is an unselfish act

Bruce de Wert In the same way that you don’t buy life insurance to benefit yourself, making a Will and Power of Attorney is an unselfish act that benefits your family. Sadly, if you do not make a Will then you can leave a mess. That tends to [...]

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Disinherited daughter story does not apply in Scotland

I have just read the story, this morning, about the daughter who was disinherited and was able to claim on her mother's estate. What is not made clear is that this only applies in England and Wales (not sure about Northern Ireland). Scots can rest easy. They can still disinherit their [...]

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Are wills made outside Scotland valid in Scotland?

Bruce de Wert Wow!  That is a difficult question.  The answer is that it depends! You know, sometimes things are just complicated. This is one of those occasions. It depends upon: – Where the will was made. When the will was made. What the circumstances of the will [...]

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Can I disinherit my children in Scotland?

The answer to that is “almost”. If you make no will then your children will inherit something subject to my comments in an earlier blog. When I talk about children, I am talking about any children that you may have had by any relationship and any adopted children. […]

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Charity Wills – MyScottishWill raises money for MFR cash for kids

      Now you can make your Scottish Will and help underprivileged children at the same time! I am assisting Moray Firth Radio Cash for Kids appeal during the whole of October and make a donation to charity for every Will made. Make your Will in the privacy of your own [...]

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Does my new Scottish Will supersede my old Will?

Well, the answer is "it depends". If you use my MyScottishWill, the answer is "definitely, yes". If you use a Solicitor, the answer is "very probably, yes". If you use a Will form, the answer is "it depends". If you do it yourself, the answer is "probably not". There is [...]

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In a Scottish will, can a beneficiary also be an executor?

I am often asked this question and the answer is a, resounding, yes! In fact, I would say that in most Wills, that is the result. This is hardly surprising since most people want their nearest and dearest to inherit and they also want the same loved ones to be [...]

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Mother forged son’s Scottish will-why did this happen?

In 2008, Steven Nicol died in a road accident. He left behind a daughter to his former cohabitee. He also left behind his mother living in a house he owned. It was decided, yesterday, by the Scottish Court of Session, that he left no Will. The Will that was produced [...]

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The difference between a Power of Attorney and a Will in Scotland

  Bruce de Wert Anyone made the executor of a Scottish will or given a Scottish power of attorney share similar responsibilities to the person appointing them. They need to do what the granter wants and what is in the granter’s best interests. The difference, however, is that [...]