Making a Will by text message in Scotland?

Texting a Will whilst having your coffee and biscuits. The suggestion is that you could, in the future, make a will by texting, voicemail and email. It is, just now, England only but, to my mind, not a great idea. I am all for easing Will-making - after all [...]

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Lesson for Scots from legal fight over Will

                  Heather Illot - Picture PA Will dispute fought out in Supreme Court I think this story is quite tragic as it deals with a very sad family rift but there is a clear lesson involved. If you want your wishes followed after [...]

Beat the Scottish Power of Attorney registration delays

Nearly 6000 powers of attorney were registered in January, the Office of the Public Guardian in Scotland (OPG) has reported. Sadly, this also resulted in the time for registration to be very lengthy as the very success of the system puts pressure on the staff. However, you can speed things up [...]

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Divorce and your Will in Scotland

It is surprisingly common that the ex is left something in the Will. Even more startling is that people do not change their will, at all, after a divorce. Up until the end of 2016, not changing your Will was an option. Divorce had no effect. Not any more! Now if you want your ex [...]

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Making an online Will with MyScottishWill- how does it work?

See other videos like this at MyScottishWill  Video narrative Making an online will - how does it work?   The concept is quite simple. I have set up the website so that it asks you a series of questions and all you have to do is answer those. These are simple [...]

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Bitter family feud over Mum’s houses and her Will

Children can be wicked and I thought my readers may be interested in such a case which has been recently decided in the Court of Session Lord Uist It involved a vulnerable 80-year-old Mum of three boys, Mrs Audrey Matossian, who was "persuaded" to hand over her three valuable [...]

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Challenging Wills in Scotland – Part 1 – the basics

In this series of blogs, I shall be dealing with the main issues that I have experienced in dealing with claims on Estates. That experience is from both sides, acting, on various occasions for the claimant and, on others, for the Executor. I shall write, later, on the situation where [...]

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A child’s Will disinheritance dilemma – to claim or not claim…

Bruce de Wert Sometimes, I see (or I am asked to write) Wills where the parent has fallen out with a child (or vice versa) and, as a result, decided to leave them something but very little compared to the others. The child is then faced with a dilemma. [...]

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Why making a Will or Power of Attorney is an unselfish act

Bruce de Wert In the same way that you don’t buy life insurance to benefit yourself, making a Will and Power of Attorney is an unselfish act that benefits your family. Sadly, if you do not make a Will then you can leave a mess. That tends to [...]

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Disinherited daughter story does not apply in Scotland

I have just read the story, this morning, about the daughter who was disinherited and was able to claim on her mother's estate. What is not made clear is that this only applies in England and Wales (not sure about Northern Ireland). Scots can rest easy. They can still disinherit their [...]

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