Separation agreements and transfer of title

I have been asked: -- "My husband and I are seperating but still living in the same house at the moment. He would like to buy a property close by but needs his share of the equity in our house to achieve this. I will remortage, which is agreed, to [...]

UK high on family breakdown/divorce table

I have just read this BBC headline. I may be involved in ending marriages but that is not to say that I like it. I do my professional duty to the best of my ability but I am always conscious of the effect on children and seek to promote [...]

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Can I represent myself in my divorce in Scotland – doing a Tommy Sheridan

Some bloggers have complained to me that the cost of divorce is too high and have asked me if they can represent themselves. Of course, you can dismiss your solicitor and represent yourself. This is in the same way that when I pick up a hammer to put a picture [...]

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Quick divorce in Scotland – a guide to Scottish quickie divorces

Divorce in Scotland differs from that in other countries because, here, the courts will refuse you a divorce until such time as you have made arrangements for the children and settled your financial differences. As a result, Scottish “quickie” divorces, in the sense that the parties are actually divorced immediately [...]

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Scottish law and the Internet

Beware the Internet and the media. It is full of information about Wills and other legal titbits. Very little of it is specifically Scottish law about Scottish Wills, Scottish Powers of Attorney,etc. Most of the time you will find it is 99% about England. You can, however, find some useful [...]

Separation and divorce in Scotland – can I be separated and still live in the same house?

Before divorce comes separation and, in Scotland, the Scottish law of separation and divorce applies. Much of the law that you will read on the Internet is English law. Forget it all. It couldn’t be more different. Most people assume that to be “legally” separated you must live in separate [...]

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Solicitors are cautious folk and hate putting pen to paper about their opinions rather than solid legal issues. Perhaps, I am a little different to most as I have been writing for my local paper for some time and have been an Internet pioneer. For instance, my solicitors website was [...]