Scotland has it’s own laws and systems. It is very different from England.

Powers of Attorney (PoA’s) are there to make life easy, particularly for older people but, in Scotland, there is an assessment right at the beginning to ensure that the granter knows what he or she is doing. Very different from England

That assessment is usually by a doctor but if you have a problem finding one then MyScottishAttorney can help.


Making one sounds difficult but MyScottishAttorney exists for 2 reasons:-

– It is to make the difficult easy and the expensive inexpensive.
– Is all done online without leaving home.

Generally speaking, a Scottish Power of Attorney, through a solicitor, will cost you several hundred pounds and 2 appointments. Contrast that with MyScottishAttorney (which is nevertheless designed and run by a Solicitor) which will only charge you £99.

Most doctors do not charge. Some do but rarely.

It is possible for MyScottishAttorney to provide the same service as a doctor but online although there will be an extra charge for that. Some like it as you do not leave home.

This assessment is a significant safeguard (only in Scotland) because it weeds out those who are abusing the vulnerable as they will not want the granter be seen by a professional.

The Office of the Public Guardian Scotland has pointed out that most Powers are produced by lawyers and they have additional safeguards. This is true and valuable.

However, whilst the doors of the Ritz are open to all, not everybody can afford to enter them and, similarly, many people cannot afford a lawyer or are too frightened to ask for an appointment fearing the potential cost.

That is where MyScottishAttorney makes a valuable contribution. Designed by me, a Solicitor, this website provides a high-quality Power of Attorney at, approximately, a third of the price of a Solicitor and with much more convenience.

Despite the savings, the safeguard of the assessment remains in place and, accordingly, it is a safe and affordable method of providing cover.

There is a great deal of free information on the website. It costs nothing to look and, if you try making a PoA, you pay nothing until you are quite satisfied.

Bruce de Wert
Scottish Solicitor