The most recent research on whether people make Wills in Scotland is, actually, not very recent at all. It was by the former Scottish consumer Council in 2006.

Of those surveyed for that study, only 37% had made a Will. Older people were more likely to


make a Will where 69% of those aged 65 or over participating in the study had done so.

Overall, the research suggested that the number of people who die without making a Will is likely to be substantial. 

Why, I wonder?

Perhaps they find it hard to deal with the prospect of death and to make plans to deal with their affairs.

Speaking to clients, I have found that they think it is difficult. In fact, that is not my experience. The BBC, when they reviewed my service on Reporting Scotland, said that it took only 10 minutes.

I do think that people do put it off as something which they will do much later in life but, then, where is the trigger to get round to it?

Marriage, children and buying a property are all potential triggers.

They may believe that the law as it stands in relation to intestacy will fulfil their wishes or they may think that it is not necessary because everything will go to their spouse. Sadly, that might be disappointment. That is, particularly, so if you are not married! 

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All in all, there is every good reason to make a Will. 

You can make one now, at home and at your leisure. Check out before making a decision.

It is, after all,  designed and run, through my company, by me, a Scottish Solicitor.

Bruce de Wert

Bruce de Wert