Simply because the law in Scotland about Wills and Inheritance is entirely different from, say, England.

But why make a Will, at all?

There are as many reasons as there are people but the major reasons are as follows:-

You make sure that the person or persons you trust (the Executor(s)) are in charge . Fairly important, really, as you want to be sure that your wishes will be carried out.

You make sure that those who are important to you benefit. What you say goes. You cannot assume that the law will provide what you want. It, probably, won’t.

There is some enforced inheritances put in place for children and spouses by the Scottish government,  Generally speaking, however, the enforced inheritances are very much reduced if you make a will! If you do not make a Will, you have no idea who will inherit.

You avoid Inheritance disputes.

You avoid your loved ones having the cost and upset of having to go to court.

You can organise what will happen to your mortal remains. For some people this is very important. Some want to be buried and want to be cremated. You can say so in a will and your executors will make sure that this happens.

These are the major reasons. You will find, however, on my website, a lot of free information about Wills and making them, so I suggest you look at that.

As for making a will, my website is designed by me, a solicitor to be easy for you.

Because they are online, they are much less expensive than going to see a lawyer. It is easy and all done without leaving home.

During the pandemic, it was almost impossible to see a lawyer and I found that many professionals (including doctors) discovered my website and made their will. It was easy as all they needed to do was answer questions!

Try it as you pay nothing until you are quite satisfied.

Bruce de Wert