The ability to make and sign a Will without leaving home is a concept whose time has truly come.


I am a Solicitor and my company has been making online Wills and Powers of Attorney for a long time. In fact, for 20 years my making of online Will and Powers of Attorney has been quietly humming away at MyScottishWill.co.uk.


I, now, think this will take off as people feel the need to make a Will but do not want to chance being infected. Going out and meeting people, unnecessarily, does bring that risk.


Being able to print and sign it all at home is a great blessing. For those without printers, of course, their kids can help.


People want to do something for their family. Home is a safe place and the ability to do something positive is occurring to folk who have never felt the need of a Will before. They are thinking of the future and of their loving legacy.


This is natural. My experience is that parents want to nurture their children and provide stability. They want their children to avoid the hardships that they have had. They want to provide help and support.


For those who crave privacy, they need tell no-one, if they have printer. Most kids want to help but if you want to say nothing, they do not have to tell anyone that they are taking this step.




It is as well that I am able to provide this service. It is unique in Scotland. There is no other Solicitor providing it.


It is, indeed, timely.




Bruce de Wert