5 top reasons to make a Scottish Power of Attorney (PoA).


1. To ensure that you are protected.

Not making one means that if you have a stroke or dementia then you are in the similar position as those who are uninsured. You cannot obtain insurance after the event and so it is with a PoA. Most people haven’t made a PoA because they never thought about it and, so, never go round to it.


2. To avoid, for your loved ones, an expensive and lengthy Court application.

And that, I am afraid, is the only way out unless you set out a PoA beforehand. Not only does an action for a Guardianship cost £000’s but it takes months.


3. To ensure the right people look after your affairs, not someone appointed by law.

Yes, and if the court decides the issue, it might not appoint someone you love and trust. It is often a professional who, apart from not knowing you, will also charge fees from your savings.


4. To ensure that someone who cares about you can decide your medical treatment – not a random doctor or Guardian.

Without  a Welfare PoA, the doctors have a problem. Who do they listen to? If there is no Attorney or Guardian, they are conflicted and may choose someone you do not like.


5. To minimise the risk of family disputes and stress.

With a PoA, everyone knows exactly who is in charge and who, by law, they must listen to. No-one is stressed as it is all set down and they cannot argue!


So, rather than you pay out approximately £400 by going to a Solicitor’s office (twice) or for your family to pay pay out £000’s for a Guardianship, make a POA with my company, now, for £99. The Government will, also, charge £77 to register it but the additional benefits are that you can sort it privately (at home), quickly (emailed immediately) and, as a bonus, your kids can do the online stuff for you.

You pay nothing until you are completely satisfied so there is no reason not to have a look.

My company has been making documents online, for people like you, since 1999 so I know what I am doing and I provide lots of free information on my website www.MyScottishAttorney.co.uk.

Bruce de Wert
Scottish Solicitor