Well, yes, in a way because they do provide a template but you will need a lot of time, research and decision-making before you have anything satisfactory. Their template is to be found at http://www.publicguardian-scotland.gov.uk/power-of-attorney/forms-publications. There is an English OPG but English law is different and English PoA’s are not for Scots residents.

There are alternatives but one is time-consuming as well as expensive.

The obvious alternative is to see a solicitor. This is reassuring because most solicitors have some experience in this field. You will need two appointments, the first to give instructions and the second to sign in front of the solicitor. How long it takes depends on the solicitor. The cost is normally over £300 including VAT.

Another alternative is a PoA from MyScottishAttorney. The PoA is designed by me – a Scottish Solicitor. I have been making them online since 2005 (and, also, wills since 2000). So, apart from my qualifications, I also have long experience in the field. To my knowledge, they have always been accepted by the OPG.

This video tells how it works – How does it work?   Incidentally, I mention in this video going to see a lawyer or doctor. The vast majority of my clients see doctors. They have the benefit of, usually, being free and familiar with and to you.

Making the PoA can even be done by your kids, remotely, if you prefer. See This video – Making a POA for your parents.

It costs £99 compared to the £300 usually charged by a Solicitor. As with all POA’s, you have to pay a fee to the OPG. More details here. OPG fees.

My PoA’s have never been rejected by the OPG (to my knowledge) and they suit the purpose as I have a great deal of experience in the field.

There’s a lot of free information Including how-to guides, frequently asked questions and other pages on my company’s website.  MyScottishAttorney. You may be reassured by the fact that you pay nothing until you are quite satisfied.

A lot of people fear that this must be a scam. I can understand that because scammers are a plague.  I suggest you look at my Solicitors website to see who I am. Georgesons Solicitors

Bruce de Wert
Scottish Solicitor