My research says that, very often, it is because they have “never got round to it”.

Which is quite revealing!

What it tells you is that they know they ought to but something has stopped them.

And I have often wondered why. It is no use asking because you will not get to the truth. Not because people do not want to tell you the truth but my belief is they do not know!

In my day job, as a Solicitor, I have asked but have never had a fully convincing answer.

We are not a superstitious people, generally but when it comes to our own mortality, I do wonder.

I make Wills for people daily but you will surprised to hear that, on some occasions, I send out the Will to be looked over by my client and, then, never hear a thing back.

Even after some reminder letters and the last with the bill, I never hear.

I wonder why?


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Bruce de Wert

Scottish Solicitor