Bruce de Wert cropped.and websizeNearly 6000 powers of attorney were registered in January, the Office of the Public Guardian in Scotland (OPG) has reported.

Sadly, this also resulted in the time for registration to be very lengthy as the very success of the system puts pressure on the staff.

However, you can speed things up by bypassing the initial delays in seeing a Solicitor- and save a great deal of money in the process.

The usual way of obtaining a Power of Attorney (PoA) is to phone for an appointment with a Solicitor, then wait for that.

Then travel to see the Solicitor and explain what you want.

Then wait for the Solicitor to prepare the documents and write to you.

Then phone for another appointment and wait for that.

Then travel in to see the Solicitor to have the PoA signed and certified.

Then wait for the Solicitor to send it to the OPG.

Say 4-6 weeks and costing approx. £400-£600 (includes OPG registration fee of £74).

However, you can take control, cut out a lot of that delay and cut the cost, at the same time!

MyScottishAttorney, designed by me, a Solicitor, can provide you with a PoA immediately.

And it’s only £99 for all the documents you have to provide to the OPG.

You can even do it for your Mum and Dad.

Read about it how it works.

You or your parent will need to see the doctor but better someone known as it is a lot less stress than seeing a stranger.

So why not start the process now? It is easy, there is no obligation and you pay nothing until you are quite satisfied. Start it now.

You will still have to wait for the OPG to register it but you will have cut out some time, money and made it easier on everyone.

Bruce de Wert

Solicitor and Director of CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL SERVICES DIRECT LIMITED, Company number SC204041, the owner of MyScottishAttorney