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Making an online will – how does it work?


The concept is quite simple. I have set up the website so that it asks you a series of questions and all you have to do is answer those.

These are simple questions, for instance, your name and address and who you want to benefit. You are guided through the system by these questions and at the end of the process you have a valid Will.

You can go backwards and forwards, you can go away and have a cup of coffee, indeed, you can go away for a week and come back and finish it.

What you must understand is that you do not pay a penny until you are quite satisfied.

Having answered all the questions you are, then, presented out with a summary of what you want in your Will.

Once you are completely satisfied, you press the final button. Only then are you are asked to pay.

I have been providing this service online since 2000 and have hundreds of happy customers. The reason I think that there are happy is because it is easy, it is inexpensive and it is private.

See other videos like this at MyScottishWill

Bruce de Wert