Bruce de Wert

Bruce de Wert

As very experienced Estate Agent with 3 offices and 155 properties in my Estate Agency, Georgesons, in the Far North, it is a very unusual feeling to be the new kid on the block, as I am here in the Scottish Borders!

The Borders is, however, a very different market and it will be a challenge to build up the Smiths Grant Estate Agency. Having said that, giving clients a great experience counts the same, everywhere!

I’m very excited by the prospects and have a number of developments in mind. As a blogger, Facebook and Twitter user, these tools are just the start of engaging with purchasers.

Our new website, which is, naturally, optimised for both PC and mobile use, is up and running at

The Facebook page is at Please “like” for updates.

Follow @Smithsgrant to obtain Tweeted updates.

My aim is to satisfy lots of new clients. I look forward to the challenge.

Bruce de Wert