I have just read this BBC headline.


I may be involved in ending marriages but that is not to say that I like it. I do my professional duty to the best of my ability but I am always conscious of the effect on children and seek to promote agreement regarding child care rather than conflict.

Children thrive in stable families and marriage is shown to produce the most stable relationships.

It does not always work out but this article is right in saying that the Government has no strategy. This is due to the persuasive argument that only the individuals concerned should be involved.

Unfortunately, the individual decisions of millions of citizens can have a significant effect on society, not least in the amount of cash that taxpayers have to pay to support one parent families.

There is no correct answer but a child-centric policy of promoting marriage and making breakup more difficult is part but, by no means all, of the answer.

The solution is, mainly, in changing cultural attitudes. Life is not easy and getting your cues for reacting to the significant difficulties that are thrown in your path from Eastenders is not appropriate. Most difficulties can be overcome by thinking of others rather than yourself and the first to be thought about are the children.

Bruce de Wert


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