Some bloggers have complained to me that the cost of divorce is too high and have asked me if they can represent themselves.

Of course, you can dismiss your solicitor and represent yourself. This is in the same way that when I pick up a hammer to put a picture on the wall, my wife refuses to let me do it, commenting that she prefers a “real man” who can do the job without destroying the house!

I think you should consider very carefully before taking this course. There is an old saying that you do not know what you do not know and it is what you do not know that will destroy you. You could, for instance,asked the wrong question or, even, not ask the right questions.

All you have to do is look at Tommy Sheridan and the disaster he rained down upon his own head. He sacked his Q.C., thinking he could do a better job. In the end, he received three years in prison. I suspect that had he listened to his lawyer, he would have done rather better. And, of course, he had the gift of the gab which you may not have.

So,I suggest that you sit down and listen very carefully to what your solicitor is telling you. If he is suggesting some form of compromise, we should give it serious consideration, particularly, if your solicitor’s costs are a big issue for you. Furthermore, if you do not like what your solicitor is saying, I suggest that you change your solicitor and get a second opinion. Or ask your solicitor to obtain a second opinion from an advocate or QC. If the second solicitor is saying much the same as the first, listen even more carefully!t this course of action: —

The cost of having a solicitor represent you may pale into insignificance if you get get it wrong in court.

Bruce de WertBruce de Wert

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