Well, the answer is “it depends”.

  • If you use my MyScottishWill, the answer is “definitely, yes”.
  • If you use a Solicitor, the answer is “very probably, yes”.
  • If you use a Will form, the answer is “it depends”.
  • If you do it yourself, the answer is “probably not”.

There is a form of words that can be used but not every form of Will is meant to supersede the old one. There are Wills where all you want to do is add to the old Will and/or make changes to the old Will. In that case, you definitely do not wish the old Will to be superseded!

Where you are changing a will, there is something else to think about. If a bequest to someone is being reduced or completely taken away, then you will have issues of disappointment/family problems if they can see that the change has been made. They will agonise as to how they upset you and the people who benefit from the change may be targeted as “influencing” this decision.

Better, perhaps, if these are potential issues to make a brand-new will, how the old one destroyed and it is a new beginning.

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