Beware the Internet and the media.

It is full of information about Wills and other legal titbits. Very little of it is specifically Scottish law about Scottish Wills, Scottish Powers of Attorney,etc. Most of the time you will find it is 99% about England.

You can, however, find some useful pages if you look hard enough. For instance, a very useful resource is to be found at Scottish Law Online and, as an example, here is a a page on succession.

National TV, particularly the BBC, are very bad for disinformation. I have telephoned the BBC on numerous occasions pointing out that a legal item of news related only to English law and that they were neglecting one 1/10th of the population. Worse, in fact, they were misleading 1/10th of the population.

So, next time you are reading something or hearing something about law, actively ask yourself whether they mentioned that this was Scottish law. If they didn’t, it properly isn’t.

And next time you Google add the word “Scottish” before what you are looking for and you are more likely to find something useful.

If you want to make a Scottish Will or Power of Attorney, there is no better place than MyScottishLaw