Separated but not divorced? Beware of the law!

There are a lot of urban legends about this so ignore them and read this. There are 2 major issues to be considered - your Will and the law of inheritance. Your Will - Only divorce (and thus, not separation) affects your Will and so, if you do not want to benefit the separated one, [...]

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How often do people make Wills in Scotland?

. The most recent research on whether people make Wills in Scotland is, actually, not very recent at all. It was by the former Scottish consumer Council in 2006. Of those surveyed for that study, only 37% had made a will. Older people were more likely to make a [...]

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Can I get a Scottish divorce online for under £1000?

Well, the answer is yes. Truthfully, you can (and at a fixed cost - see MyScottishDivorce) but I must also say that divorce is usually preceded by a separation agreement. That is the expensive part and the worst of it is that there is no fixed cost for that. Each of [...]

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5 top reasons to make a Scottish Power of Attorney

5 top reasons to make a Scottish Power of Attorney (PoA).   1. To ensure that you are protected. Not making one means that if you have a stroke or dementia then you are in the similar position as those who are uninsured. You cannot obtain insurance after the event [...]

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